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About me . . .

I grew up regularly having pictures taken of me and my activities. As a Navy family, we knew that media was the way to stay in touch with family. We would send and receive pictures of family and friends we rarely saw. Our father would even send us videos while away.

I started my photographic career, unlike many modern photographers, with learning to develop my own film. Being able to see a moment and capture it to share is something I feel absolutely blessed to have the ability to do.

Why I love what I do …

I remember watching my father carry around his SLR, so when I was older, I was inspired to take a photography class. There I learned to develop Black & White film and prints. I was also formally introduced to creating digital art and editing. I became fond of composite art and continued with it after I could no longer access a dark room.

After initially joining C. King Photography to provide business support, I began shooting more regularly. My current passion is astrophotography. My father taught me to “shoot the stars” (astro- or celestial navigation) and I feel connected when I capture crisp constellations or our galaxy.

While I don’t share the same enthusiasm Charles has in doing headshots and portraits I am very detail oriented and always try to find the beauty in the world around me. During a wedding I love ensuring that a clients’ details from their rings to their decorations are captured in the most amazing way possible.

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