Exceptional Smiles Dentistry Branding Revamp

It started off as a job, but then it turned into finding a new Dentist


I was approached by Dr. Kenneth Eye II a few months ago as he was getting ready for a complete website overhaul and wanted to change and upgrade his practice’s look and brand.  This is always a very humbling feeling as a person, company, or in this case a dental practice asks you to help them create a new public face that will represent them in the future.

After doing numerous actor and professional headshots in the past that part was a no brainer to me,  the part which was different for this job was that he wanted a group shot with different type of background besides the standard team shot in the waiting room that so many other companies use.  I had the perfect solution for him;  lets do your group shot as a composite.




A composite is an image that has been pieced together from other images.  In this case I photographed each member of Dr Eye’s team one by one using the same lighting and posing them a certain way as to pre plan for how I would lay out the composite during the edit.


While its not the most profitable thing for my future business, doing group shots as a composite means that as employees come and go you can easily remove them from the image without having to reshoot everyone, and if someone new comes in I would simply photograph that person and add them later.  This came in very handy when the another member of the team, Viktoriia was unavailable during day 1 of shooting and I photographed her separately to add to the composite later.


Exceptional Smiles-107-Edit_Collage



Viktoriia Comosite_Collage


Also in addition to the photography work, we also filmed their new commercial which is now in the process of being edited.  On day 2 of filming we even got to try out the new Fiilex P360EX LED lights we got from Lens Pro to Go.


File_006_Collage File_005_Collage
File_003_Collage File_001_Collage

Something that really showed “Exceptional” service is how many of Dr Eye‘s  patients showed up to provide a positive testimonial and quick picture to also be featured on the new website

2015106. Exceptional Smiles-20_Collage
All and all I am very pleased with how the images turned out from working with Exceptional Smiles Family Dentistry.  As the beginning of this post suggest I did in fact find a new dental home with their practice.  There’s just something about being a family owned and operated practice from Dr Kenneth Eye‘s practice in Woodstock, VA to his son, Dr Kenneth Eye II‘s practice in Harrisonburg, VA that tells me that there is success and great patient care going on.  Also a huge since of pride in their work, which is exactly what I look for when choosing any type of professional service.