Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre Presents: “Sweeney Todd”

Opening tonight is the dark tale of Sweeney Todd, directed by Edward Carignan.

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Shenandoah University’s first graduate of SU’s Musical Theatre, Dolly Stevens, has been away for a while, but she’s back as the struggling baker, co-conspirator, and lovestruck Mrs. Lovett.


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The object of Mrs. Lovett’s affection is the vengeful Sweeney Todd played by Christopher Sanders.


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Antagonist and victim Antonio Pirelli is played by returning actor Jordan B. Stocksdale. Stocksdale played Gomez Addams in SSMTs 2015 The Addams Family.

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Trevor Schmidt, the Dance Captain, is the gentle natured Tobias. He’s fiercely loyal, which the devious cast takes advantage of.

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Michael Forest and Philip Sargent are Beadle and Judge Turpin, the devious team of lackey and judge holding the exiled Benjamin Barker’s daughter Johanna (Gabriella Francis).


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Thomas Albert, artistic director of Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre, returns to the Pit as Music Director.

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Get your tickets to see it now thu 10 July.

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Up next is Pirates of Penzance. Still to come is Little Shop of Horrors.

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