Shout Out to the ladies of C. King Photography

Today is National Woman’s Day 2017, and I for one would like to show my appreciation and respect for all women around the world on this day.

I especially would like to show my appreciation to the ladies of C. King Photography.  Without you I don’t think our studio would be what it is today!


First I’d like to thank our designer, Taylor.  I first met her several years ago at one of the conferences we all attended and we hit it off the moment we met.  Her unique set of skills has made her truly essential to the team.  She has made our Branding, Or Album Designs, as well as our Ads top notch and I couldn’t think of a better designer or a nicer person.

Taylor Castillo In Studio Headshot on Black Background
Taylor Castillo In Studio Headshot on Black Background



Next, and I’m sure the queen of the studio needs no introduction Danielle.  You are my friend, my partner, and the cornerstone of our studio.  I can without a shadow of a doubt say that we would not be what we are today without you.  From your warm smile when we meet customers to your strong business tactics when it comes down to brass tacts you are the driving force behind it all.  I stand up and applaud all of your hard work and effort, and hope that you never leave.



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