Corey and Francesca’s at Home Maternity Session

When we talk about having a family of services we say family because that’s what we’re trying to provide; a range of services for your family. Corey and Francesca are one of our longest served and most atypical family clients. We didn’t meet them through their wedding but rather when shooting Fran’s headshot for her […]

Corey’s Headshot Session

Corey is a co-founder of HOM Yoga in New York City, an actor, a voice over artists, and most importantly a friend. When he called me to update his headshot, not only was I flattered to shoot probably his 3rd or 4th professional headshot for him but also excited to get to spend time with […]

New Jersey Actor Headshot Session with Margaret

Margaret is an actress and model based out of New Jersey. I first worked with Margaret a few years ago during a bridal shoot.  Afterwards she and I connected online and have been friends ever since. I was delighted to have an opportunity to work with her again, and this time upgrading her professional Headshot.