Keni and Kim’s Wedding Film

You may have already heard about Keni and Kim from our previous blog post, but that was just photo and while capturing the day in still moments is truly precious being able to see and hear it helps to keep the memory of their day alive.

Dan and Stephanie Southwick Wedding Luray Caverns Photo Booth

Another AMAZING and unique Luray Caverns Wedding. Dan and Stephanie Southwick asked us to provide a photobooth for their reception and also a photo op photo booth prior to their wedding. First everyone had a chance to get a shot by the Luray Caverns Entrance sign.

Keni and Kim’s Luray Caverns Wedding

Kenneth and Kimberly are a couple that we didn’t have the opportunity to shoot prior to their wedding. It can be intimidating to film and shoot a couple for the first time with only an information sheet to go off of. Instead we held a post day Portrait Session.

Mark and Jennifer’s Surprise Poposal

  Luray Caverns received a request for a surprise proposal in their Cathedral hall and C. King Photography was called in to capture the magical moment.

Caleb and Elizabeth Surprise Proposal

I’m under the impression that most proposals are a surprise. At least one of the two doesn’t know exactly when the question will be asked, even if you’ve talked about getting married and possibly already selected a ring. It’s the extra effort that some people put forth that makes the surprise extra special.

Redwood Tree in Luray Caverns- “How I shot it”

Trees beneath the Earth’s Surface? Not exactly what you had in mind I’m guessing, but this formation located in Luray Caverns is called The Redwood Tree or to some the Shaggy Dog.For this image I kept things very simple.  Luray Caverns is a very comfortable cavern system to tour as it has very nice paved […]

Antique Segregated School House

A little history lesson… One of the attractions at Luray Caverns‘ newest complex, The Luray Valley Museum, is an Antique School which was previously located about 1 mile away from the Caverns.  The Hamburg Regular School was the one of the oldest standing African American School houses in the Shenandoah Valley.

John and Alex Surprise Proposal

The East Coast was treated to a snow storm. Meteorologists called for no more than 4 inches but Mother Nature had other plans. John also had plans that he wasn’t going to let 8 inches of snow and near whiteout conditions put on hold. On Saturday February 21st, John proposed to the love of his […]

Donald’s Surprise Proposal at Luray Caverns

Those of you on my Facebook Page or Instagram probably saw the POST I did yesterday stating I love doing unique and challenging jobs, especially surprise proposals.   It is truly a thrill to be able to be apart of such an important moment in someone’s life and to be able to accurately capture that while being creative when the […]