5 Ways to Prepare for Your Engagement Session

  1. Bring a variety of outfits

Having a variety of outfits will help create diverse images. Make sure to have at least 2 outfits. Our goal is for you to fall in love with every photo but we want you to have many options. Different outfits will capture your unique personality and style. Take the setting of your session into account. Remember to pay attention to the weather as well. We want you to be comfortable and feel your best! You and your partner will be the star of the show!

  1. Have outfits that compliment with your partner

When we say, “compliment” we do not mean match. Of course, matching outfits can be cute. We have had several couples wear their favorite teams Jerseys and we love the result. But, you do not want to be identical in every image. Even though you two are becoming one in marriage, you still both have 2 unique personalities. Be yourself but compliment each other with similar color schemes or styles. You wearing a parka with snow boots and your partner wearing swim trunks with flip flop wouldn’t quite read well (Challenge accepted). Don’t be afraid to ask your photographer for advice. They will know what photographs well and what doesn’t.

  1. Clean up your nails and hands 

We will get a bit up close and personal during your session. It is very likely your hands and fingers will be in the spotlight like they have never been before (unless you’re a hand model). We want to show off that bling! Well groomed hands will enhance these up close photos. Honestly, This comes down to personal preference. If dirty hands and nails is your thing, then more power to you! We will still capture some great images. But this isn’t always pleasing to the eye and can be quite distracting to others admiring your images. We want you to have beautiful clean photos straight out of the camera.

  1. Have your ring cleaned by a professional 

That beautiful, shiny ring on your hand tells an amazing story and we want to show it off in all its glory. Make sure to have your ring professionally cleaned. There are many options out there but most jewelry stores will provide this service free of charge if your ring was purchased there. Make sure to check with them to see how long this service will take and send it as early as you can to have it back just in time for the shoot. We know that it can take several weeks for this service to be completed. We wouldn’t want you to be without your engagement ring during your engagement session. Above all we want your ring to sparkle!

  1. Be yourself and have fun! 

If there is only one thing on this list you read, let it be this one. If you chose C. King Photography as your photographer we assure you that we want you to feel comfortable during your session. We want this session to reflect who you are as couple. Let loose and pretend the camera isn’t there. Let your love speak for itself. We will help you pose during the session, but the candids are always the best! This session is going to be some of the most memorable moments in your life, aside from your wedding day. Have fun and we promise you will love this time!