About C. King Photography

Welcome to C. King Photography. We offer a range of photographic and cinematographic services, specializing in dynamic lighting for stunning portraiture. Our goal is to use photojournalism and strategic posing to tell your story. We strive to be your family’s memory keepers– from your proposal to your baby’s first few days at home: and beyond.

Hi, I'm Charles!

“My mission is to express the true beauty of the world through dynamic photography, videography, and intelligent lighting solutions.”

I grew up in the picturesque mountains of the Shenandoah Valley, which provided me a great appreciation for the beauty in everyday moments. In the beauty that often goes unnoticed.

My passion for photography began organically, by taking photos for family, friends, and fellow members of my congregation. As my love for visual storytelling grew, I sought out professional photographers who took me under their wing, and helped me to develop a signature style.

My signature style is designed to deliver a clean and engaging method of visual storytelling which captures the beauty of a forgotten moment, and to commemorate milestones and magical moments. Also to deliver a photo or video that can shared and relived for generations to come.

This is what inspires me!

I have had the privilege of providing my photography and videography for clients around the nation, and now with our new studio location in Luray, VA I can provide my services full-time in my hometown.

Why I love what I do…

Whether it’s a static landscape or dynamic portrait, there’s something about having the ability to capture a moment and freeze it in time that simply intrigues me. I love being able to reflect people’s joy and happiness back to them with my work. I place people in just the right kind of light to be able to see them as everyone else sees them. Sometimes they can’t even believe that picture is of them.  To me it’s not about snapping pictures that are edited to an unrealistic rendering, but to capture the natural beauty that you may not know is hidden within.

It would be my honor to create your visual story!