Alan and Samantha’s Wedding at Khimaira Farms

Alan and Samantha are definitely one of my favorite couples…

Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-674_Collage

We’ve had the honor of being with them during their journey to the alter.  In 2014 the couple contacted us, and we did their Engagement Session at Lake Arrowhead.

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Samantha and Alan had the distinction of being the first couple to be married at Khimaira Farm  in 2015.

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Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-1_Collage

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It was a beautiful warm Kentucky Derby day, which was the theme of their wedding. A collection of Derby cups spanning the past few decades adorned the reception.

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Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-13_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-56_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-133_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-1261_Collage

Samantha’s hair and makeup by In Town Beauty. Using MAC makeup. Bridal Impressions: Maggie Sottera Paula.

Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-151_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-162_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-184_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-187_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-201_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-244_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-270_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-280_Collage

In the unfortunate absence of Samantha’s Father, she wanted to do a first look with her Uncle

Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-301_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-305_Collage

Alan wanted to honor his country by wearing his “Dress Blues’ for his wedding

Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-361_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-414_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-328_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-323_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-338_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-342_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-351_Collage

The couple choose not to do a first look, but instead wanted to share an embrace and fight temptation before their ceremony.

Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-416_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-426_Collage

Alan and Samantha had an absolutely beautiful day for a wedding,  the skies were a beautiful blue, with awesome cloud cover over Khimaira Farms.

Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-322_Collage
Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-605_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-493_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-570_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-506_CollageBefore their reception and after their ceremony we did all of their family formal pictures as well as a few creative images.

Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-826_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-796_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-822_Collage

Alan played his guitar and invited the guests to sing with him in memory of those who couldn’t be with them on their special day.

Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-478_Collage

Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-1193_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-1188_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-1183_Collage

The mood wasn’t somber. This was a celebration a long time coming. After 13 years of dating, they made it down the aisle.

After their musical duet came the Garter and Bouquet tosses

Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-1237_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-1229_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-1223_Collage Alan and Samantha.Wedding.201552-1221_Collage

Cake by Fabulous Wedding Cakes. Flowers by Long’s Florist.  Emcee company Big Bad Productions: BB Wolf.  Food and Catering by: Shaffer’s Catering, BBQ, and Deli