Benro Video Tripod



The Benro A673TMBS8 is a great tripod, and it so far has served me very well.  I picked this tripod up from Hunt’s Photo and Video a couple months ago and have had the opportunity to use it for a number of my wedding and commercial jobs during that time.

While I am very partial to either blue or black colors those attractive cosmetics weren’t the main selling factor for me.  I was long term Manfrotto user prior to making the move to Benro.  Like many starting out I heard that was the tripod to get, and I never gave Benro a second thought.  That was a big mistake.

This thing works great with a spreader system that works very well.  This system locks and does not slip or need extra force to lock the legs, can go really low to the ground, and of course has a light for the leveler.

One of the big things for me is having the pan and the tilt levers on one side.  When you’re filming you should be able to have one hand on the Tripod Handle (unless filming statically) and the other hand to focus, make adjustments, or lock or release the tripod.  I don’t understand the rational of having a tilt release on the opposite side and thus have to either release the handle or put one arm on top of the other, but luckily Benro took the correct approach.

After using this tripod I’m very excited to check out some of the other products from Benro such as their sliders, jibs, as well as their video monopods.

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