Caleb and Elizabeth Surprise Proposal


I’m under the impression that most proposals are a surprise. At least one of the two doesn’t know exactly when the question will be asked, even if you’ve talked about getting married and possibly already selected a ring. It’s the extra effort that some people put forth that makes the surprise extra special.


Caleb is one of those guys that puts forth extra effort. When he was ready to propose, he contacted C.King Photography, laid out his idea and together with Charles, they planned. Caleb had already found Valley Ballooning in Woodstock, VA to take him and Elizabeth on a sunrise balloon ride. He wanted Charles there to capture the event.

A hot air balloon ride is unpredictable – Caleb already had to move up his proposal date because the day he wanted was already booked solid that day – due to weather conditions it could be cancelled. Charles discussed this possibility and recommended he have a more dependable plan so that there would be no scrambling for a new location if the ride didn’t take off.


They settled on Luray Caverns. Caleb liked the idea of a sunrise where Elizabeth might expect him to propose and then catch her off guard later in the Cathedral of the cave. Caleb, however, is quite the planner. He created a spreadsheet of their schedule from beginning to end.


All plans having been made, we arrived in the dark ready to board our balloons to capture their sunrise ride. We hid in plain sight, candidly capturing their flight preparations. Unfortunately the wind was too strong and we couldn’t fly that morning. Charles discreetly fed Caleb ideas for scenic views where they could watch the sunrise so that Elizabeth wouldn’t push for them to take an earlier tour of the Caverns.


It worked and their private tour started on time. When they arrived in the Cathedral, Caleb led her into a candle lit circle filled with rose petals and popped the question. Elizabeth said yes then they popped the cork out of a bottle of Luray Caverns wine, which they sipped as the Great Stalacpipe Organ played.




After their tour, we met them above ground for an extra session in the Garden Maze. We finished with them posing at the LOVE sign at the Caverns entrance. Caleb’s plan worked beautifully, now it’s time for the two of them to plan together for another amazing and beautiful event. Elizabeth and Caleb will need a bigger spreadsheet.