Corey’s Headshot Session

Corey is a co-founder of HOM Yoga in New York City, an actor, a voice over artists, and most importantly a friend. When he called me to update his headshot, not only was I flattered to shoot probably his 3rd or 4th professional headshot for him but also excited to get to spend time with close friends from the big apple.

Corey Loftus.HOM.2015731-1_Collage

Before you think, “wow, 4th headshot! Isn’t that a lot?,” the answer is not at all. Headshots should be updated periodically to reflect who you are as you grow and evolve professionally. Actors are well aware of keeping updated headshots, but this isn’t relegated to the entertainment world. Business professionals, politicians, even online daters need to update their profile with some regularity.

Not all clients become true friends after the job is done, however Corey and his wife Francesca succeeded. It’s been great to aid them in both their acting as well as their Yoga careers and as they started their own company.