Dan & Stephanie Wedding Day: Feature Film

Dan & Stephanie have become wonderful friends of ours. We often take moments to reminisce to these special moments. That is one reason why feature films are so important to have on your big day! Photographs are certainly a necessity, but when you can look back on your day and see every reaction, hear the sounds, the words spoken, the interactions with people, and so much more….you just cannot have anything more precious than that. With that said, we are delighted to share with you their wedding day!

Dan & Stephanie started their special day at the beautiful Hotel Laurance  located in the picturesque town of Luray, VA.  They put on their personalized converse shoes and made the decent inside Luray Caverns. Following the ceremony, they hiked to the surface for their reception at the Caverns’s own Luray Valley Museum. To this day, Dan & Stephanie have remained our friends and we still share in their beautiful life moments! If you missed their precious family session, you can check it out here.

We hope you enjoy their love story!