Danielle’s Athletic Hall of Fame Induction

Okay let me start off by saying that this isn’t exactly about Photography, Weddings, Headshots, or Video…

If you are still reading than I thank you and appreciate your support for me and my team.

Last Saturday my Partner Danielle had the honor of being inducted into Hood College’s Athletic Hall of Fame.

CKG10002_CollageI am so proud and happy for her to be honor by her college for her achievements.  I’ve had the privilege of seeing first hand the level of determination, professionalism, and care that was described about her by her peers and also the President of Hood College. Ronald J. Volpe who was in attendance and delivered her award personally.

CKG10014_CollageAfter the award was given Danielle gave the audience a speech from the heart.  Her speech touched on a variety of different subjects ranging from her team mates, her experience at Hood, and the strong support she received from her Father.

CKG19998_CollageThis was the first time I was able to hear exactly how charismatic and powerful of a public speaker my partner could be.


Again Congratulations Danielle, you deserve it!