Exploring America – Grand Canyon

Welcome to an ongoing series on America’s sights. As we explore our country both for leisure and to meet our clients, we’ll share our journeys with you. The intent is to inspire your exploration and desire to see these in person. Hopefully our images prompt you to visit these locations, some iconic and others with less notoriety but no less alluring. From the black volcanic rock beaches of Hawaii to the Lighthouses of Maine, let’s see the beauty of America.


I’ll start with the Southwest portion of the United States. I’ve wanted to see the Grand Canyon. You can’t understand the enormity of the place until you see it yourself. Pictures don’t do justice to the depth of the Canyon nor your sheer smallness once inside.


We arrived at night, so Charles was disappointed that I wasn’t immediately awestruck. Of course, you can’t see very far into the Grand Canyon at night so you can’t fully grasp how big it is. He got the reaction he was hoping for when we returned at sunrise.


We spent the day shooting around the rim of the Canyon then hiking down the Bright Angel Trail. We only went a few miles in, you have to hike quite a distance due to the switchbacks, because we wanted to make sure we got out before sunset.

 As the sun moved lower, the colors began to pop. The shadows begin to fall such that we could more easily capture distance and depth so we took our time hiking back out.


We finished the day on the rim watching the sun dip behind the Canyon. This is a must see for all.


I will leave you with this thought. We had a conversation with Jerry Ghionis a while back. He told us about a teaching experience where he took his students out to shoot a scenic sunset but instead had them put down their cameras. He said sometimes you need to enjoy the moment. As photographers, you miss being able to live in the moment because you’re busy capturing it for someone else.


I agree, but I believe the applicable audience is greater than just photographers. With the advent of the camera phone and video capabilities, it seems everyone is seeing their life through their screen as opposed to with their own eyes. Please take time to enjoy these sights. Make memories that exists beyond your camera.