February is National Wedding Month

Welcome to national wedding month! This February, I’d like to share some wedding tips that I’ve learned through my past experience as a wedding photographer and videographer.

I’ve shot weddings all over the country, in particular up and down the East Coast. In this time I’ve noticed that the best weddings share similar planning methods and want to share them with past and future brides. Most couples have the same thought once they get engaged – “What now? Where do we start?”


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Weddings tend to be one of the most precious and beautiful events of your life, and creating that special day can take quite a bit of hard work, and at times, frustration. If you’re looking for the most streamlined system for your big day, the most important thing is booking the priorities as early as possible.

The first of these, if wanted or possible, is a wedding planner. I will have a full blog post about the importance of a planner coming soon. Equally important to a planner is your venue. All the following vendors you book will ask for your date first thing, so making sure you have your date reserved at your preferred venue is of the utmost importance.

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At this point, I would recommend booking your photographer and/or videographer. I am not saying this to boost my importance, rather, to impress upon the fact that the photos and video of this day will be the mementos you have to remind you of the wonderful feeling of the event as your lives together progress, as well as what you can share with those who may not be able to make the happy event. We’ll also touch on this in a future blog post.

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It’s also important to book your photographer earlier, due to the fact that they tend to book up very quickly. My 2015 calendar is already almost full, and we haven’t even hit peak wedding season yet! This is also why it is important to book your venue first, as it’s integral to booking your photographer/videographer.

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Overall, having a solid timeline is at the heart to planning a successful wedding. Don’t worry if things don’t go quite as planned – as tends to happen in life. Just keep on track and remember that no matter what, your wedding will be a cherished day that you’ll look back on with love.

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Danny and Kelly-Wedding-Luray Valley Museum-20141213-471_Collage  Mark and Amanda Wedding 201482-775-Mark Dofflemyer-Amanda Thompson-Wedding-Shenandoah Woods-Stanley-Virginia-Outdoor-Wedding-Shenandoah Valley-C. King Photography-Luray-Virginia_Watermarked