Five Vendors to Book First for Your Wedding

You just got engaged! Congratulations!

After the big announcement, the long journey to the altar. You may be wondering where do I even begin? Of course the first step is taken care of – the engagement! Now you must select the vendors, but who do you select first?

It is important to select the vendors who will be the most important to your day. If you prioritize your vendors and book in that order, you will likely be able to get the vendors that your desire before they book up. Not all vendors are able to do more than one wedding at a time, it is a great idea to consider which vendors would be more likely to book up.  

  1.  The Venue –  Surprise! Bet you thought I would say photographer.  A venue can typically only host one wedding per day. In other words, it will be the first to book and sell out for your special day. The makeup artist, baker, and dress maker can often times do more than one wedding per day. A lot of venues will only host one wedding for an entire weekend, which limits the space even more.


2.  Wedding Planner – We highly recommend a wedding planner to help you either the day of or through the entire planning process. Wedding planners make this entire journey a lot less stressful. They can not only help with choosing vendors, but also help keep you less stressful on the big day.



3.  Photographer/Videographer – More specifically C. King Photography! Joking, but seriously pick us. Seriously though, your photographer/videographer is the person who is capturing the delicate moments that you will treasure forever. You need to choose someone who you want. This vendor will be with you from the beginning to the end, including your engagement, wedding, and even after your wedding when choosing print options. You need to choose a studio who you want to work with for an extended period of time. The videographer will either be working directly beside or right behind the photographer with the same reasons of capturing the special moments. These vendors are creating something for you to cherish for years to come. It is important to choose the right one for you.



4. Caterer – In many cases a caterer will only do one wedding per day. The caterer is important to book early because they will likely book up fast. Waiting until the last moment may mean you do not get the caterer or the type of catering you want at your wedding. As an added bonus, you get to taste lots of awesome food! During a consultation with C. King Photography we can only show you beautiful photographs of how good the food actually looks, unfortunately we can’t let you taste it.


5. Baker – Last, but certainly not last on the list of vendors needed. When you think of weddings what comes to mind? Dancing, rings, gorgeous gowns, and cake, maybe? The wedding cake is a symbolic staple that nearly every wedding has. You want not only a cake that is delicious, but also a beautiful wedding cake for others to admire and for you to look back on in your photographs. A wedding cake is one of the fundamentals when you think of wedding.



This is of course my opinion. There are other vendors that you may find to be more important to making your day special and what you want. So let me ask you, have your already selected your photographer and videographer for your wedding? Contact us today to book your Wedding Photographer or Wedding Videographer Service. (Yes, we can do both. Some studios do them separately, but our staffing allows us to accomplish both). Thanks for checking in! See you in the next blog!