Headshot Session: Why Us?

The digital age and social media has become the first impression of you. It is often that your profile page is where someone is going to get to know you first and it boils down to your profile picture. This is your chance to tell your story through one image. A headshot is often perceived as something needed for people in show business trying to kick off their careers. This just isn’t true anymore. You can enhance your online resume or even use it for personal reasons like a dating profile. There are so many reasons you NEED a headshot and we can help you with that.

First and foremost, we are here for you every step of the way. We will coach you through your session to make sure you are displaying your natural self. It is important to us that we represent you and your personality. If you are having trouble picking an outfit, can’t figure out what color to wear,  or how to do your make-up and hair we will be here to provide you guidance prior to your session.

Before your session, we are already prepping and  perfecting the lighting and style of your shoot. We will listen to your needs. Even though our default is a horizontal shot with white background and a partially cropped head, we understand that may not be what you want. Trust us, there are reasons for shooting the way we do. BUT,  If you prefer a black out backdrop for a more dramatic effect, we can do that. If you need a vertical image, we can do that. If a partially cropped head is not your thing, we got your back. We want this image to be exactly what you have in mind, even though it may not be a traditional headshot. Let us know and we will adjust accordingly.

We pride ourselves on a quick turn around. You will receive a gallery of your images within 24 hours. Images selected for re-touch will be distributed within 48 hours. So if you need an updated headshot for that important interview coming up…..we will make sure you do not have to wait.

There are many talented headshot photographers out there.  But we have experience shooting over 500 individual headshots in 2018 alone. We are ready to add you into our portfolio.

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