Intro to the Spider Holster Single Camera Kit

Things that I typically always have during a shoot…..

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Cell Phone

Spider Holster





What it all comes down to is with all this expensive and very heavy gear I lug around the world I need something to hold it in between shots.  Neck straps hurt the back and shoulders and most importantly make you look like a tourist, camera slings and those suspender looking things look like you are trying to hard to be an action movie star.  So what can keep my camera on my person, look stylish, and not wear me out by the end of the day?

Enter the Spider Holster.

I first encountered this company almost 3 years ago during the WPPI Photography Conference in Las Vegas.  I was in fact not just browsing the expo floor but actually in search of a camera support system after a near fall of my camera falling off a table at a wedding.  When I approached the Spider booth I hadn’t heart of them before but I was intrigued by this belt system I saw people walking around with.  The team there was nice enough to let me try one on and I was hooked!

The design is amazing,  any thought I had prior that my camera could slip out or “unscrew” from something were put to rest in minutes.  Spider Holster has developed a camera support system that allows quick and easy access to your camera, as well as other photography gear right from your hips.  The benefit of it being a belt system is that you don’t stand out when you’re shooting or hiking, and you also don’t wear out your back after a long day in the field.

After years of using the Spider System I am beyond excited to announce that I am now a Spider Holster Ambassador, and they were nice enough to me a discount code to share with all my followers!

Spider Holster Discount


Check out the intro and quick review/tutorial for the Spider Holster Single Camera System below, and be sure to check back in as I will be doing more and more videos, reviews, and tutorials in the future!