Jacob and Derek’s Flash Mob Proposal

I could not ask for a more perfect and unique proposal than that of Jacob and Derek’s.  Jacob planned to make it extra special for Derek by incorporating his dance skills and setting up a choreographed Flash Mob featuring many of the couple’s friends and family

The setting for the proposal was Roma’s in Winchester’s historic walking mall, a location that the two would frequent.  The team and I arrived early to get a lay of the land and set up cameras in positions so as not to be noticed by Derek when they arrived.  It was tricky especially since Derek knew my face already from my work with Shenandoah University as well as Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre so I especially had to stay away from the restaurant once Derek was near.

I had one of my videographers sitting at a table with a small Canon camera, the G7x II so she would be able to get a few sneaky shots of them while they were eating and when the Flash mob started without being noticed.  It was paramount for me that even after the Flash Mob started Derek didn’t know that a proposal was coming.

For the other cameras we setup we had everything from Canon C100s, a 1DX Mark II, and even go pros and Canon 80Ds hidden around the area as we only had one shot at this!

As any good cinematographer knows, the most important part in a film isn’t just the video but the audio and we HAD to have great audio for this, so I hid a small recorder in the restaurant for Jacob to actually mic himself when he arrived so we could hear not only Derek’s reaction but also Jacob’s proposal.  It was like scene from the Godfather, and Jacob mic’d himself perfectly!

The end result couldn’t have come out any better, and I feel so privileged to have been part of this couple’s proposal.  It was truly an honor.