Jerry Ghionis “How to Wow” Tour Stop Washington DC


That is truly how I was left by the end of Jerry Ghionis‘s workshop last Sunday.   I’ve attended many different workshops in the past, and this one definitely goes down as one of the best.  In the 12 hours that I was in that Double Tree conference room I witnessed Jerry go over lighting, composition, exposing, and general client interaction that creates the most important part of an image, the expression or emotion.

There was not a moment where I was left bored or wanting to search the internet on my phone as he taught.  It is just amazing to see how he could connect with the audience. Through that connection you can really see that he means what he says and how much he truly connects with what he is doing.

He says that he finds everyone beautiful and looks for that when he takes an image; you can see that no matter who they are, he really does live that way.

It’s great that MZed was able to put together this tour and bring him so close to home for this workshop.  I can’t wait to see him speak again or for another workshop that they produce to come to the DC area again!

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Nikon Ambassador Jerry Ghionis

Nikon Ambassador Jerry Ghionis