“Mamma Mia!” Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre

The Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre is at it again! Their last performance of “West Side Story” was spectacular. This time they are performing “Mama Mia!” It is coming at such a great time with the sequel to the movie being released this Summer. The Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre (SSMT) performance of “Mama Mia” is set to open on July 19th and run through July 29th 2018. Make sure to get your tickets by clicking here, while you can! This is truly a breathtaking performance.

“Mama Mia” follows the story of a young woman’s journey to find her father just before she walks down the aisle. The director, Jeremy Scott Blaustein, choreographer, Trey Coates-Mitchell, and Music Director, Karen Keating, have constructed around their cast a truly inspiring performance. The main characters transformed themselves into their onstage characters beautifully. Emily King Brown masters Donna Sheridan, as did Libby Ingham who plays Tanya Cresham-Leigh, Megan Hass who plays Sophie Sheridan, Carolyn Coulson who plays Rosie Mulligan, Jordan Stocksdale who plays Harry Bright, Kit Wider who plays Bill Austin, Michael Canu who plays Sky, and Mark Bradley Miller who plays the character of Sam Carmichael.

This performance is something that you cannot forget. I loved this performance from the very beginning. Admittedly, I was first introduced and became a fan of the original movie prior to seeing it for the first time on stage years ago. Nonetheless, SSMT brings absolute delight and life to the stage. The performance kept me engaged not only during the show, but long after. Honestly, I was jamming out to the music while editing these photos! Some of my favorites songs from the performance are “Thank you for the Music,” “The Winner Takes It All,” and “Lay All Your Love on Me.” I even have the music currently out on my piano.

This performance of “Mama Mia” is much like “Newsies” in the sense that I was able to let out my creativity in the photographs. I love being able to photograph Character Portraits along with the actual show, and the Character Portraits allowed me to be especially creative. I brought my own background to allow for composites for each character, and our studio’s designer, Taylor created the typography and design for the poster. We were able to be very efficient as we planned ahead for much of this shoot before. This shoot, like most for the Shenandoah University and Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre, requires me to do what is called “a same day edit.” The images are immediately needed to market the show before it opens the next day and I readily accept the challenge to deliver above and beyond SSMT’s request year after year!


Lisa: Alexis Hasbrouck

Ali: Stephanie Ainsworth


Dorian Davis Eddie: Diego Cortes Father

Alexandrios: Bovo

Young Sophie: Ashley McGuire

Girls: Jenna Barricklo, Katie Davis, Kelly Donah, Maggie McCown, Jessica Ortiz, Erin Puskar, Kristin Rebera, Emma VanDeVelde

Boys: Stevie Bovo, Nick Cortazzo, Tyler Dema, Eddie Falshaw, Travis Flynt, Timothy Foszcz, Charles Miller, Desmond Montoya, Mason Zaroff

Pit Singers: Alyssa Gilmore, Lucy Martindale, Madelynn Shores