Mark and Jennifer’s Surprise Poposal

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Luray Caverns received a request for a surprise proposal in their Cathedral hall and C. King Photography was called in to capture the magical moment.


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We were informed they are amateur photographers. Photographers tend to notice one another or at least notice the equipment then identify the user. That made this a bit more tense because Jennifer, who was carrying her new Nikon, might be less surprised if she saw a couple running around each with Canon 1DX on their Spider holsters.

Thankfully we went undetected and they arrived in the cathedral where Mark proposed to Jennifer next to a votive lit heart.


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Perhaps we were misled and Jennifer is more than an armature. She certainly had her poses ready. She also said, “don’t be afraid to use Photoshop on the pictures.” Will she notice that we removed her sunglasses from next to her foot?


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Congratulations to the newly engaged couple!


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