National Selfie Day Luray Caverns Post


It’s National Selfie Day, and Luray Caverns needed some content for social.

Selfies are a way of light, and I am certainly guilty of a few…. hundred or so.  What I’ve come to discover is that the first selfie was actually credited to a man named Robert Cornelius back in 1839. So don’t worry Millennials, this isn’t a new trend!



So to celebrate National Selfie Day Luray Caverns wanted to do a social post for it, and asked me to come up with a concept provide the photography service.  After thinking about it for a bit I figured it would look great if we had a group of people in the caverns taking a selfie in front of one of the largest formations in the cave.











I wanted to take it up to the next level by making into a collage of sorts because, well social media loves collages.

So I took a few other shots at different angles to build the collage.







My plan was to even take one shot with my camera ( Canon 1DX mark II) at the angle of “selfie” and composite it into the screen of the phone for an over the shoulder shot.





After I got all the angles I needed and them some magic in Photoshop the final image ended up looking like this