New Gear Westcott Beauty Dish


Yay for new toys!  I just got my Westcott Rapid Box Beauty Dish in and I was so excited to try it out.

When I first saw this I was taken back as that is one thing I used to complain about all the time when using a beauty dish was transporting it.  It was always this big round 2′ dome that I didn’t want to mess up, and this product from Westcott fixes that.  They have come up with a solution that is portable and still keeps a beauty dish’s round shape as well as the inner metal deflector plate that gives the beauty dish its signature look.

For this shot I really opened it out of the box and threw it on a Profoto B1.  I grabbed one of my co-workers to model and positioned them against the slightly off-white background of a wall and then underexposed the fluorescent lights which made it look more of a dark green.  Since my subject was further away from the overhead light he went completely into shadow.  I then positioned the only light which was the Beauty Dish on my B1 to his left and slightly over head.


As I didn’t’ want really contrasty shadows I pulled the light a bit further back so and feathered it to his right a bit so the other wall (off camera) would serve as a bounce reflector and fill in the shadows.







Camera Settings:

Camera: Canon 1D-X

Lens: Canon 100 2.8L

Shutter:  1/60

ISO: 125

Aperature: 4

WB: Auto

Light: Profoto B1

Flash Setting: TTL -1/4

Modifier: Westcott Rapid Box Beauty Dish (No front Diffusion

What you see below is the final result!