Nora’s First Year

Charles and I admitted to being uneasy around babies. For that reason, we don’t accept many children’s sessions. Those few we hold are typically for our “lifetime” clients. We shoot their weddings and then stay with them, documenting their family as it continues to expand.

Nora has been one of our exceptions. We met her as a newborn, capturing her just a few days old. We revisited her family now just after her first birthday. Just as adorable as she was last year, Nora now showed us her developing personality.

20151018.Marcsisn Family-19_Collage

She is certainly a resilient baby. She was a bit fussy when we arrived but as soon as she was outside in the cool Autumn air, she was ready to go.

20151018.Marcsisn Family-21_Collage 20151018.Marcsisn Family-11-Edit_Collage

Maybe a little to fast for her wobbly legs, she tumbled into the dirt and bumped her head but got right back up for more after a quick cuddle with mom.

20151018.Marcsisn Family-105-Edit_Collage 20151018.Marcsisn Family-58-Edit_Collage

Back inside, she showed us how to play with her favorite board games.

20151018.Marcsisn Family-95-Edit_Collage 20151018.Marcsisn Family-89_Collage 20151018.Marcsisn Family-48_Collage

Nora seems to love the fall season she was born in because she was ready to go back out again.

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We’re happy to see Nora growing bigger and and more brave. We were told that since her session, she doesn’t want any help walking.

20151018.Marcsisn Family-25_Collage

Don’t run away too fast, Nora. Let your parents enjoy holding your hand and steadying your tiny steps.

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