Page County Sheriff’s Depart Lip Sync Challenge Cover Photo

I got a few questions as to how I shot the cover photo or thumbnail for my recent post about the Page County Sheriff’s Department’s Lip Sync Challenge so I figured I’d do a post about it.

One of the biggest things with online videos in addition to their actual content is the Thumbnail.  You can look at any big online content creator and see one similar practice and that is creating a catching title to their video and also creating a thumbnail that will get a viewer to actually watch it.

Our video was no different.  Since we were doing a video themed after “Forest Gump” I wanted to draw inspiration from their movie poster, and so with the help of our studio’s designer, Taylor we went to work.

The actual shoot was done at night as that was the only time we had left to do a shoot as I was in the middle of destination weddings and only in town for a few hours before the deadline to finish this project.

We knew where a park bench would, and we were in and out in less than 20 minutes.  I used 2x Profoto B1 Lights for this shot to try to emulate a daytime look despite it clearly being pitch black out without those lights.

After we had our initial image I edited the photo and cleaned up the bench and subject before sending it to Taylor to do the typography and design for the thumbnail.  What you see below is our end result.

Thanks for watching!