Photoshop World Las Vegas 2014 Day 1-Valley of Fire

This week we’ve travelled to Las Vegas for Photoshop World 2014.  Last year I made a tour of the American Southwest so I decided to come out a couple of days earlier to capture more of the iconic desert landscapes I found to be so beautiful.

My original plan to arrive four days early was reduced to two days so I could film a wedding in Long Island, NY.  Despite a midnight drive back to DC and a 5 hour flight from BWI spent inspecting my video and sound, I immediately jumped back into the driver’s seat to capture the Valley of Fire, Nevada’s oldest state park, at sunset.  Thankfully, this natural wonder is only 50 miles from Las Vegas.  The Valley of Fire covers almost 42,000 acres with a 10 mile road winding across it.



We entered from the West and had to work fast as the sun sets behind the hilly terrain reducing the golden hour light I hoped to capture.  Of course, I wouldn’t let a little darkness stop me when there was a half moon and gorgeous stars shinning for a long exposure opportunity.  Additionally, that evening sky gave me a great backdrop for light painting.




While I made the most of my time in the Valley of Fire, I know I must return so I can explore further and capture more of these bold colors and textures.