Photoshop World Las Vegas 2014 Day 2-Zion National Park

340 miles round trip

5-6  hours in the car

2 hyperlapse videos

12  pictures taken…. 

Those are the stats that make up our trip to Zion National Park.  

This trip was partially unplanned and unprepared for, but nonetheless we wanted to make it happen.  As I said, we hoped to have four days to shoot and amended our shot list when it was reduced to two.  Thus, our new original plan was to go back out to Nelson Ghost Town with a model, however this plan ended up not working out.  So we were back to square one in trying to figure out what we should do, and what we could do before sunset. 

I’ve always wanted to visit Zion, but it is almost 3 hours away from Las Vegas and a time zone shift forward.  So, at 3:30pm Las Vegas time, we grabbed the car and took off. 

The drive up I-15 is one of my favorites as a result of the beauty that you see traveling through the mountains of my Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.  Danielle was so excited to share the view that she made a couple hyperlapse videos winding between the mountain.  Those mountains and elevation changes gave us a much more comfortable temperature of 79 degrees at our destination as opposed to 109 in Vegas. 

I was a little shocked at the price today enter the park.  A seven day vehicle entrance pass is 25 bucks!  Of course, I had to try to use my annual pass for Shenandoah National Park which, naturally, didn’t work there.  The gate attendant did surprise me, pleasantly, when he said that I could trade in that annual pass for an annual Nationwide National Park pass for the difference of the cost of the two passes.  So, 50 bucks earned me admittance and a Nationwide annual pass. 

As I mentioned earlier, we didn’t have a lot of time; that golden sky at sunset was already gone, dipped behind the mountains, and just a few streaks of light remained for a few moments.  I saw a number of people on the bridge that provided a beautiful overlook at some of the mountains and the Virgin River. 

I have never been the type who likes to take pictures that are easy to get to, are compositionally easily repeatable, or that have already been done thousands of times.  So I got to show Danielle, yet again, how I have no problem going off the beaten path, taking off my shoes, and jumping into unfamiliar water with my gear to get that unique shot.

…. And it was totally worth it!

CKG10101-Edit-CKing-Zion-National-Park-Night Photography-Black-and-White


CKG10119-Edit-CKing-Zion-National-Park-Night Photography-Black-and-White