Photoshop World Las Vegas 2014 Day 3-Opening Keynote and Time for Class

Wow, the last couple days have been a blast running around in the desert photographing the beauty of the American Southwest, but now its time for what we came out here for and that is Photoshop World.

A smart thing to do whenever you attend one of these conferences is to pre-register and have your information in order before you get to registration, so we of course already had that covered. The other thing that was pure genius was that we came in the day before the main part of the conference opened to sign-in to pick up our badges thereby skipping the line that happens on day one. The guys at Kelby One have done a great job in providing some amazing pre-conference courses and workshop, although on this trip we did not attend.  Yet since many other people attended them, the registration booths were open a day before the main conference.


PSW14-Charles King-Danielle Allen-Name Badge-Las Vegas


With this preregistration all ready done we got to sleep-in a little bit as we would be able to walk straight into the opening keynote.  It started  with a highly entertaining video put together by crew at Kelby One parodying Pirates of the Caribbean, even featuring a Jack Sparrow impersonator.


After the opening video, Joel Grimes spoke on some of the Lightroom Mobile features as well as a short inspirational lecture on creativity.  Afterwards Julieanne Kost went into some of the new features of Adobe Photoshop and many of the features that I honestly still need to study on some of the Adobe Mobile products.

PSW14-Photoshop World-Las Vegas-Kelby Media-Kelby One


The classes were great as usual.  One of the one’s that I particularly enjoyed was Tim Wallace’s live automotive shoot.


Tim Wallace-Automotive Photography-PSW14-Photoshop World-Las Vegas


I also sat and studied under many other great teachers such as:  Erik Valind, Joel Grimes, Joe McNally, Julieanne Kost, Matt Kloskowski, Roberto Valenzuela, Peter Hurley, Jason Groupp as well as others.  I even sat through some of the classes I had previously seen to give Danielle some company as these were the first times she had seen them.

All and all the education was great,  Midnight Madness was fun, and the Art of Digital Photography panel was isnpiring as always.

I can’t wait for Photoshop World 2015!