Playing with Speedlights-Las Vegas Edition

Charles King-Danielle Allen-Las Vegas-Photoshop World-Psw14-2


You really just can’t sit through hours of photography training without wanting to go out and try it.

This especially holds true when you’ve sat in on multiple speedlight classes with Joe McNally during Photoshop World.

With all the traveling we did before the conference I didn’t really have time to show Danielle Las Vegas or even go down the strip! So armed with my Canon 5d mark iii, a 16-35mm 2.8L ii, a Canon 600EX R/T set on ETTL, and a tripod we set off see what we could do.

To me, my mission was not only to of course show her some of the sights and take pictures but to get it right in camera, take minimal images, and nail my exposures as close as possible on the first shot. With that said I even took it to the next level and shot all in Jpeg as I planned to “shoot it right”.

The night was a success, for the most part each image I shot was the exposure I wanted on pretty much the first time, and there wasn’t a series of test shots before hand. (with the exception of the selfie shot of us that I had to set a few to stage the shot.)

Check ’em out and let me know what you think!


Charles King-Danielle Allen-Las Vegas-Photoshop World-Psw14-3 Charles King-Danielle Allen-Las Vegas-Photoshop World-Psw14-1