Family Print Collections

Collection A

24×30 Giclée Canvas Gallery Wrap

10×10 10 Spread Press Print Album

DVD Slideshow

1-16×20 Giclee or Wood Prints

Wave Book Set

4-8×10 Prints

20-4×6 or 5×7 Prints

$2,520 (Value over $2,600)

Collection B

8×8 10 Spread Press Print Album

20×24 Wood or Giclee Print

DVD Slideshow

3-8×10 Framed Prints

10-4×6 or 5×7 Prints

$1,375 (Value over $1,400)

Collection C

16×20 Wood or Giclee

5×7 Acrylic Block

Wave Book Set

2 8×10 Prints

10 4×6 or 5×7 Prints

$600 (Value of $680)

Collection D

Wave Book Set

11×14 Metal

2 8×10 Prints

5 4×6 or 5×7 Prints

$390 (Value of $460)

A La Carte

Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.

Standard Photographic Prints

C. King Photography offers a full range of photographic print sizes and mounting and photo finishing options.

Photographic Prints include Full Color Correction service, ensuring the best print possible from your image.

4×6 | $14

5×7 | $16

8×10 | $42

11×14 l $58

16×20 l $82

20×24 l $108

24 x 30 l $124  

30 x 40 l $147

Standard Print Mounting

Mounted on 2mm Styrene

Styrene is a super smooth plastic mounting substrate that resists warping, making it an excellent choice for adding durability to prints of all sizes. Available in your choice of White or Black.

Small (up to 11×14) l $25

Large (up to 24×30) l $90

Extra Large  l Based on Image Size

Print Framing

Delivered display-ready with hanging hardware attached.

Choose from a variety of high quality wood or metal frames, in a range of colors, with optional matting and/or acrylic to protect the print. Each moulding is carefully inspected to meet the gallery quality you expect from C. King Photography.

Basic Small Frame (up to 11×14) l $75

Basic Large Frame (up to 24×30) l $100

Basic Extra Large Frame l Based on Image Size

Signature Small Frame l $150

Signature Large Frame l $250

Signature Extra Large Frame l Based on Image Size

Giclee Canvas Wrap

A contemporary way to display your images, with or without a Frame.

Canvas Gallery Wraps are made with a print on Professional Photo Paper bonded onto museum quality canvas, or a Fine Art Print printed directly onto canvas material. The print is then wrapped around an artist’s stretcher frame, and finished with your choice of hanging hardware. Also available with a variety of custom Frames, and as Wall Clusters and Splits.

11×14 | $212

16×20 | $298

20×24 | $362

24×30 | $475

30×40 | $490

Metal Prints

Magical Luminescence

MetalPrints represent a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Your images will take on a magical luminescence.

You’ve never seen a more brilliant and impressive print! Colors are vibrant and the luminescence is breathtaking. Detail and resolution are unsurpassed.

8×10 | $120

11×14 | $147

16×20 | $255

20×24 | $348

24×30 | $475

30×40 | $520

Acrylic Metal Prints

Stainless Mounting Posts in an Acrylic Face.

Stainless Steel Posts come in a set of four pieces, one for each corner. Acrylic is secured with the Stainless Posts to the face of the MetalPrint.

8×10 | $260

11×14 | $385

16×20 | $535

20×24 | $750

24×30 | $1,250

30×40 | $1,9700

Xpozer Prints + Hardware

Xpozer features vivid, sharp photo prints paired with a revolutionary new mounting system.

Images are printed on striking Vivid Satin material. With no frame needed, they float away from the wall for a modern gallery look. The lightweight patented aluminum tension hanging system makes Xpozer highly portable and quick to assemble. Group multiple Xpozer Prints to create beautiful wall art displays, and change them up as often as you like with Xchange Prints.

16×20 | $180

20×24 | $230

24×30 l $375

30×40 l $550

30×80 l $830

40×80 | $975

Xchange Prints

After you already have the Xpozer Print Frame you order Xchange Prints to change up the look of the room

Xchange Prints are additional prints that can be ordered at any time, and are designed to be interchanged with other Xpozer Prints using the same patented aluminum hanging system, for an easy and economical way to change up your displays.

16×20 | $125

20×24 | $160

24×30 l $260

30×40 l $390

30×80 l $580

40×80 | $700

Acrylic Blocks

A small tabletop display with big impact.

Acrylic Blocks feature beautiful photo prints face-mounted to 1″ thick plexiglass with hand polished crystal clear edges. Prints stand solidly on end on any flat surface.

4×6 | $80

5×7 |$100

6×6 |$110

Wave Accordion Books

Our hardcover mini accordion-fold photo books are perfect for use as a tiny folio or brag book.

Printed on Indigo printers, the highest quality digital press printing technology available. Photos can be showcased as panoramic multi-panel spreads, or a series of photos side-by-side. Available in rectangular or square formats, with 10 image panels and a photo- or fabric-wrapped cover.

$150 (Set of 3)

$40 (Additional Books)

Maple Wood Prints

Maple Wood Prints are printed directly on to 1/2″ thick maple surfaced wood board, for a warm and natural-looking print that is also eco-friendly.

The grain and other characteristics of the wood shows through the light and white areas of the image for a natural warm tone and vintage feel. We can also print a white ink underlay on the wood to make the true colors of your image pop. Both of these options allow the beautiful wood texture to show on the surface of your print. Each wood print is unique and no two prints will look precisely alike.

8×10 | $140

11×14 | $210

16×20 | $365

20×24 | $480

24×30 | $650

30×40 | $980

Press Printed Cards

Our premium cards stand above the rest, with the highest quality printing and the best range of sizes, formats, and options available.

Use these cards for your Save the Date, Announcement, or even Thank You Cards

25 l $55

50 l $100

100 l $180

150 l $250

200 l $350

DVD / Thumbdrive Slideshow

Remember your session with one of our Custom Printed DVD or Crystal Thumbdrives

Take your pick of either a custom printed DVD and DVD case or crystal thumb-drive.  Whether DVD or Thumb-drive media will be created the same as a data disc to preserve quality

Custom DVD Case with DVD l $180

Custom DVD Case with DVD + USB Drive l $225

USB Drive l $145

12x12 Signature 15 Spread Album

Hand crafted and created by our partner lab in Italy our Signature Albums are the top of our print and product offerings


10x10 Signature 15 Spread Album

Hand crafted and created by our partner lab in Italy our Signature Albums are the top of our print and product offerings


8x8 Press Print 10 Spread Album

While not as a grand as our Signature Albums our Press Print Albums still offer a high level of quality and produced in Italy


More Options

Because there’s always more

High Res Files

Individual File l $85

Complete Gallery l $950

Additional Album Spreads

Signature     Press Print

 $65                $35