Ray Roman Wedding Videography Workshop

I had the pleasure of attending both days of Ray Roman‘s Wedding Videography workshop in Philadelphia PA.  This was part of his Capture Cinematic Weddings US tour.

Ray is known as a rock star in the Wedding Cinematography world, and serves a variety of different high end celebrity clients.

His work is outstanding, and truly captures the couples’  story in a very cinematic way.   When people who are not familiar with Ray’s work they are often mistaken at first as they typically think they are watching a trailer to a Hollywood blockbuster movie.

When I first studied under Ray one of the first things I was surprised to learn was his more simplistic approach to filming his weddings.  Based off of what I was seeing in each of his Films I would expect that he would basically take on a wedding with a full crew as if it were a full production.

Yet that is just not case.  Ray works with his wife, and in most situations they are the only shooters aside from maybe an assistant, and those two create absolute masterpieces documenting every part of the day.

Ray Roman – 2015 USA/ Canada Tour – 1st Week Master Class Highlights from Ray Roman on Vimeo.


The first day of the Workshop Ray did a lecture in which he went over all aspects of filming a wedding.  He went over the gear he uses, and the crew he works with.  Also he showed a variety of different examples of his work in how to stage and set the mode for the client as well as set the scene that is ideal for his style of film.

On the second Day we were the local studio Power Plant Productions,  which I must say I absolutely LOVE, where we focused on the Master Class portion of the workshop.


Ray lead the class with hands on instruction of filming Bridal Preps in the morning as well as capturing professional sound during a wedding.   We had a few locals help to make the experience more authentic.

IMG_0198_Collage IMG_0202_Collage IMG_0185_Collage IMG_0182_Collage IMG_0223_Collage IMG_0208_Collage IMG_0234_Collage IMG_0246_Collage

Our Bride for the day was Alyssa Anderson and our Make Up/Hair Artist was Sarah Jane.



After we broke for lunch we worked on doing some post productions work on the footage that Ray had just filmed earlier that morning.  The camera settings Ray used to film with were amazing straight out of the camera.  While they still held a somewhat softer profile it still wasn’t’ fully flat, and was very pleasing to the eye with no color grade whatsoever.  Then the adjustments he made to polish off his footage was very minuet, which did leave me sighing at all the time I’ve spent in post production in the past.

IMG_0252_Collage IMG_0257_Collage IMG_0264_Collage

It was a very overcast day, and we were lucky to get the shots we needed before rain hit, but that made it even more authentic to what a real wedding could be.  We did a first look setup in an alleyway close to the studio that seemed to be a local favorite judging by the amount of foot traffic going thru.

IMG_0266_Collage IMG_0271_Collage

When we returned to the studio we went over reception/ceremony lighting techniques, and how he positions his cameras during those events.  He’s  fan of the Dedo light as well as the Lowell lights.  Surprisingly enough neither of those two lights have high wattage outputs.  They are more designed to be focused and direct to their subjects.   This is great so you aren’t disturbing other guests while you are illuminating the scene.


I really enjoyed playing with Ray’s Canon 1DC.  I’ve been thinking of purchasing that camera for some time now, and having the availability to try it out in the environment like what I’d use it for was a hidden bonus to this workshop.  I film primarily with the Canon C100 for my wedding films.  However the size of 1DC, the image quality, as well as many other factors are what make it attractive to me.  The features that shine the most for my uses are the fact the body is a pro-grade camera, meaning it is weather sealed and also amazing low light capabilities.  Aside from the video enhancements it is the same camera as the Canon 1DX.  Me being a hybrid photo/video artist could definitely appreciate having 1 body that could tackle both worlds with ease.

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If his tour hasn’t hit a city near you I would definitely suggest attending this one!