Rob and Anna’s Engagement Session on Skyline Drive

Now here’s a fun couple! Anna and Rob approached us for their engagement shoot with a specific request in mind. Anna asked if we could hold their session on the Blue Ridge Mountain with the Autumn colors as they’ll be married in October in the Shenandoah Valley.

20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-103_Collage

Particularly, they wanted to have images in front of a waterfall. Charles and I have hiked a few of the trails so we knew of several waterfall options. We selected the Dark Hollow Falls trail.


Hiking with gear this time wasn’t as tricky as our first trip down the trail because we now had Spider Holsters. We were able to keep our hands free and still reach for our cameras during any candid moments of them as we hiked.


Thankfully Rob and Anna were regularly getting cozy with one another so there were a lot of candid moments to choose from, such as this one where they waited as Charles went further down the trail for a wider shot.

20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-40_Collage

We made it to the waterfall and got a variety of shots with their signature background, including one of Anna’s ring.

20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-44_Collage 20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-91_Collage 20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-55_Collage

20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-81_Collage 20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-94_Collage

20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-89_Collage

On the way back, Anna and Rob were good sports and let us pose them in the leaves. This is when their playful interaction with one another really shined.

20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-87_Collage 20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-88_Collage

They were also happy to wander into the stream for a few shots of the water below them.

20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-28_Collage 20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-20_Collage 20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-35_Collage

They definitely have images of the mountain ablaze with color.

20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-100_Collage
20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-102_Collage 20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-105_Collage

Let’s not forget the sky as well.

20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-97_Collage

Their wedding guests have a foretaste of what they’ll sees as they arrive for Rob and Anna’s wedding next year. We look forward to sharing their day.


20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-95_Collage 20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-92_Collage 20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-75_Collage 20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-57_Collage 20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-43_Collage
20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-13_Collage 20151011.Rob and Anna.ESession-17_Collage