Shenandoah University Conservatory Jazz Ensemble

Charles loves performance photography. While I’d love to capture the exciting parts of a show, be it theatre or music, I also want to just enjoy the moment and performance. It’s hard to be fully present and in the moment when you are working.

2015925.Jazz Performance.SU-3_Collage

I was grateful to hear that Shenandoah University’s Ensembles wanted us to photograph them prior to the full performance. It was the best of both worlds; creative performance photography followed by an awesome show.

2015925.Jazz Performance.SU-78_Collage 2015925.Jazz Performance.SU-86_Collage

Since I was shooting during their practice, I was given liberty to be on stage with them. The Jazz Ensemble band leader gave me a chance to highlight each performer individually by having them stand for their solos.

2015925.Jazz Performance.SU-68_Collage 2015925.Jazz Performance.SU-145_Collage  2015925.Jazz Performance.SU-33_Collage 2015925.Jazz Performance.SU-47_Collage 2015925.Jazz Performance.SU-54_Collage

We were asked to capture the engagement between the band leader and the musicians. In the case of Jazz, there’s less direct interaction. He gave them direction and then they were able to perform somewhat freely. Standing to the side, he gave prompts, and guidance, but he let the show be about them and their music.

2015925.Jazz Performance.SU-141_Collage 2015925.Jazz Performance.SU-138_Collage 2015925.Jazz Performance.SU-136_Collage 2015925.Jazz Performance.SU-74_Collage

Enjoy the shows and support the arts.

2015925.Jazz Performance.SU-120_Collage

The Wind Ensemble conductor said I should go anywhere and everywhere, even if that meant crouching in between the musicians. I was certainly impressed by their concentration. I declined to move in between rows as he offered, but I did accept his offer to be close to the band.

2015925.Jazz Performance.SU-51_Collage 2015925.Jazz Performance.SU-59_Collage 2015925.Jazz Performance.SU-153_Collage 2015925.Jazz Performance.SU-195_Collage 2015925.Jazz Performance.SU-111_Collage 2015925.Jazz Performance.SU-74_Collage 2015925.Jazz Performance.SU-31_Collage 2015925.Jazz Performance.SU-20_Collage 2015925.Jazz Performance.SU-102_Collage