Spider Holster’s Arca-Swiss Mounts


I love and use the Spider Holster system, that’s nothing new.  When they made me one of their Spider Ambassadors I was super excited as it is a product that I completely stand behind, and use for pretty much all of my shoots for both photo and video.
Something that is new for many people is that spider holster is more than a belt camera mounting solution. It is in fact a company featuring many different products designed to help a photographer or videographer do their job faster, more efficiently, and more comfortably.

For this post I’m going to demonstrate the Arca-Swiss mounting system for many photographers who love going out with their tripods and capturing beautiful landscapes, cityscapes, as well as many other locked down shooting situations.

The first product in the video is the Spider Arca-Swiss Adapter.  This is a small adapter designed to be an add on to your SpiderPro Single or Dual camera kit.

The second product is the Spider Arca-Swiss Clamp which is what I typical use as I keep my camera on an L bracket.

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